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Live Drive/Walk-Thru Nativity
with a
Fundraiser Kiosk
offering Chili, Cornbread,
Desserts & Hot Beverages
~ ~ ~

December 16

6:00-8:00 pm
Sorosis Park


 To celebrate the coming of our Lord & Savior with our 

 community, The Last Days of Jesus will be sharing a series of 

 nativity scenes highlighting the announcement and birth of Jesus. 

 ~ ~ ~ 

 In conjunction with this free event, we will be having a fundraiser 

 to help put on the coming season of our annual passion play in 

 March.  We will have a kiosk where you can enjoy chili, cornbread, a delicious dessert, and hot cider or cocoa. 

 There are no set prices yet, so any donation amount that God leads you to give is welcome! 

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