Since 1979, The Last Days of Jesus, Inc. has annually reenacted the Bible’s precious story of salvation. For generations, believers in Christ from our small community, nestled within the breathtaking backdrop of Oregon's scenic Columbia River Gorge, have volunteered to portray the most epic story of love and sacrifice known to mankind. Our mission is to spread the Good News of Jesus Christ through the medium of theatrical entertainment, fellowship and community. Our events are always free of charge, and we are very grateful to all who support our efforts to share the Gospel message through live reenactment.

40th Year Cast & Crew, Last Days of Jesus, The Dalles, OR
   Interested in joining our team? We have many roles to fill for all levels of experience. From construction of our sets, to make-up, props and costume design, to directing scenes and character portrayal (performing in either major or minor acting roles). Our productions are always a rewarding team effort and we rely greatly on our dedicated team of volunteers! Opportunities to serve and learn the ropes are readily available! If you are interested, feel free to contact us below and a representative will be in touch soon.
      By far, the greatest support anyone can give us is through the ministry of prayer. We are so very grateful to all who give of their time to pray for us in our efforts to spread the good news of Jesus Christ. Our entire executive team volunteers year-round to ensure that this production stands in unison with our 40+ year tradition of excellence. We depend on God's strength and love to guide us. If you are interested in praying for our ministry we would love to hear about it! Please feel free to drop us a line below to let us know you're thinking of us.


    Audiences have enjoyed our events free of charge since our very first passion play premiered in the spring of 1979. That said, as with most things in life, our elaborate, multi-day production is by no means free of cost to produce. Our volunteer-operated non-profit organization is 100% funded by generous donations and contributions from people like you. Donations pay for business supplies, costumes, makeup, props, and other costs associated with production. Please consider partnering with our mission by donating today. Thank you!

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The Last Days of Jesus, Inc.

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